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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Easy Way To Change Your MAC Address

Hello friends how are you? Today i'm going to show you how to change your computer MAC (Media Access Control) address.

The Method i'm going to show you is for windows operating systems (XP, W-7, W-8).
In windows click on the Start Menu and type CMD in the search box or the run box if you are still using windows XP.

When commend windows opened type " ipconfig/all " and press Enter.
[ C:\Users\monir_uap07>ipconfig/all ]

This process find out the computer network Card and the Physical Address will be the MAC Address and IPv4 Address is your IP Address.

You find out your MAC address and IP address, now you need to change your MAC address

Now you need to Download free program/Software "TMAC v6". Download link given below....

Click the link and download the software,  When finish downloading Install the software. 
Run the software as Administrator......
Images given below..........

1. In windows 7 select Local Area Connection and in windows 8 select Wired Ethernet Connection
2. Original MAC Address
3. Press Random MAC Address.
4. And then press Change Now Button!

That's it you done, you change your MAC address.


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