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Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to add animated labels gadget to your blog

Hello friends today i'm going to show you how to add animated labels gadget to your blog.
Do you know Blogspot is the best free blogging site for You can easily design your blogspot blog with html/xml/java code.

Follow me it's easy..........

1. First you need to Log-in to your blog or if you don't have any blog go to this website and create you own Blog.

2. After login in to your blogspot account go to your blog's dashboard.

3. And click Layout Button and again click Edit HTML Button

4. Select Expand Widget Temples check box.

5. Now find the code below [press Ctrl+F from your keyboard]

If you get the code into temple html then paste the following code just bellow this code
(<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>)

6.Click Here To Download the Code

7. Now Save the temple.

That's it,Enjoy with this tricks.


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